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The first expanded NIH Roadmap meeting to include all funded Roadmap Membrane Protein investigators was held at TSRI November 1-2, 2007. The meeting provided a unique opportunity for members of the two Roadmap membrane protein centers (JCIMPT and MPEC) as well as those from projects funded through the RFA Membrane Protein Production and Structure Determination (RFA-RM-04-026 and RFA-RM-07-003) to discuss the current status of their projects. Presentations and discussions dealt with progress as well as barriers to progress that could transform membrane protein structure determination processes to produce results comparable to that seen in studies of soluble proteins.


The meeting was held in the Keck Amphitheater and Galleria of the Beckman Center for Chemical Sciences (first floor) at TSRI.
The physical address of the building is 10650 N Torrey Pines Rd. To see a map of the TSRI campus, click <<HERE>>.

To download a PDF version of the agenda, click here: RMI_Meeting_Agenda.pdf.


Individuals who presented talks or posters at the meeting were asked to submit their presentation materials for posting/dissemination to the community. These presentations are provided below (as PDF files) for your information.

Expression Studies Session Talks

James Bowie, Ph.D.

“Lowering Barriers to Membrane Protein Expression and Crystallization”

John Hunt, Ph.D.

“Investigations of Physiological Systems Controlling Integral Membrane Protein Overexpression in E. coli”

Senyon Choe, Ph.D.

“Mistic and Misticated IMP”

Stephen Kent, Ph.D.

“Total Chemical Synthesis of Proteins for Biological Research”

Geoffrey Chang, Ph.D.

“Cell Free Expression of Membrane Proteins”

David Julius, Ph.D.

“Mammalian Cell Expression of Membrane Proteins”

Stability Studies Session Talks

Philip Laible, Ph.D.

“Biomimetic Reagents that Promote Membrane Protein Stability and Crystallization”

Qinghai Zhang, Ph.D.

“Developing Reagents for Stabilization of Membrane Proteins”

Ronald Kaback, M.D.

“Manipulating Phospholipids for Crystallization of a Membrane Transport Protein”

Crystallization Studies Session Talks

Martin Caffrey, Ph.D

“Membrane Protein Crystallization in Lipidic Mesophases. Recent Advances and Successes”

Rustem Ismagilov, Ph.D.

“Crystallization of Membrane Proteins in Microfluidic Nanoliter Droplets (Plugs)”

Paul Kenis, Ph.D.

“Microfluidic Approaches to Membrane Protein Crystallization”

Patrick Loll, Ph.D.

“Mapping the Crystallization Slot for Membrane Proteins”

Michael Wiener, Ph.D.

“Pre-Crystallization and Crystallization Screening of Membrane Proteins”

Ray Stevens, Ph.D.

“Pre-crystallization Screens of Eukaryotic Integral Membrane Proteins”

International/National Efforts Session Talks

So Iwata, Ph.D

“Production and Crystallization of Eukaryotic Membrane Proteins”

Doug Rees, Ph.D.

“Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins: Are There Any Rules?”

Biophysical Characterization Session Talks

Larry Miercke, M.S.

“Using a Tetra Detector Array as a Size Exclusion Chromatography Detection Tool for Optimizing Detergent Concentration for Membrane Protein Crystallization and for Measuring Membrane Protein Detergent Complex Molecular Weight and Hydrodynamic Properties”

Stanley Opella, Ph.D.

“Membrane Protein Structures in Phospholipid Bilayers by Solid State NMR”

Chad Rienstra, Ph.D.

“Magic-Angle Spinning Solid-State NMR of Integral Membrane Protein Complexes”

Kurt Wüthrich, Ph.D.

“Solution NMR Spectroscopy with Membrane Proteins”

Functional Studies Session Talks

Juha-P. Himanen, Ph.D.

“Expression and Semi-synthetic Reconstitution of the Eph Receptor Tyrosine Kinases”

Brian Kobilka, M.D.

“Two Crystal Structures of the Human ß2 Adrenergic Receptor”

Francesca Marassi, Ph.D.

“NMR Studies of Outer Membrane Proteins in Lipid Bilayer Membranes”

Gerhard Wagner, Ph.D.

“NMR Studies of Structure and Interactions of the Mitochondrial Protein VDAC”

Dan-Neng Wang, Ph.D.

“Structure of the Leucine Transporter LeuT in Complex with the Antidepressant Desipramine Suggests a Mechanism for the Inhibition of Neurotransmitter Reuptake”

Poster Presentations

Melanie A. Adams

“Development of Recombinant Expression Systems for Mammalian Chemokine Receptors”

Reetesh R. Akhouri

“Progress Towards Crystallization of E. coli Transhydrogenase”

Alexander Alexandrov

“Heterologous Expression and Biophysical Characterization of GPCRs Produced in Mammalian Cells Grown in Suspension”

P.D. Allen

“Integral Membrane Protein Overexpression Using Organ Bioreactors”

Andrew J. Annalora

“Solving the Molecular Structure of Rat Cytochrome P450C24A1 (CYP24A1) of the Vitamin D Pathway: Using Detergent-Exchange and Detergent-Hybrid Methods to Improve Membrane Protein Crystallization”

Kent A. Baker

“Expression Screening and Thermal Stability of Human Connexin 26”

Ana-Nicoleta Bondar

“Lipid:protein Interactions of Rhomboid Intramembrane Protease”

Jie Cai

“Expression of Human ATP-binding Cassette (ABC) Transporters in Pichia pastoris”

Lorraine F. Cavanaugh

“Structural and Functional Characterization of the Preprotein Translocon Accessory Factor Ysy6p/Ramp4”

Pil Seok Chae

“Glycotripod Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Solubilization and Stabilization: Importance of Branching in the Hydrophilic Portion”

Vadim Cherezov

“Microcrystallography With In Meso Grown Membrane Protein Crystals”

Mark Chiu

“Expression and Purification of the Human TRPV1 for Structural Studies”

Michael A. Hanson

“Stability Studies of GPCRs as a Pre-crystallization Screen”

Sebastian Hiller

“NMR Structural Study of the Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Protein VDAC”

Reto Horst

“Characterization of Protein-Detergent Mixed Micelles Using NMR Spectroscopy”

Oded Lewinson

“The Funnel Approach to Crystallization of Membrane Proteins”

Dianfan Li

“Cloning, Expression, Refolding and Purification for Crystallization of an Outer Membrane Protein Involved in Carbohydrate Uptake in Pseudomonas aeruginosa”

Liang Li

“Microfluidic Hybrid Method for Simultaneous Screening and Optimization of Membrane Protein Crystallization”

Bin Liu

“Unexpected Outcome of Surface-Engineering an Integral Membrane Protein: Improved Crystallization of Cytochrome ba3 from Thermus thermophilus”

V. Mitch Luna

“Structural Characterization of Oxygen Pathways in Cytochrome ba3 Oxidase”

Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi

“Structural Characterization of a ß-barrel Membrane Protein in Lipid Membranes”

Elizabeth Massey Gendel

“Genetic Selection for Improved Recombinant Membrane Protein Expression in E. coli”

Sarah L. Perry

“Microfluidic Platforms for Membrane Protein Crystallization”

James C. Samuelson

“Strategies for Membrane Targeting of Heterologous Proteins in E. coli”

Charles R. Sanders

“On the Virtues of Lyso-Phospholipids”

Nikhil Singla

“Extending the Frontiers of Chemistry: Semi-synthetic Reconstitution of Multi-domain Trans-membrane Receptors for Structural and Functional Studies”

Benjamin W. Spiller

“Structural Studies of Voltage Gated Sodium Channels”

Arjan Snijder

“Membrane Protein Production in Pichia pastoris for Structural Biology”

James M. Vergis

“Detergent Compatibility Assay: A Simple Method for Exploring Detergent Space”